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something’s not quite right at work? Well, I’d love to help.

Hello. I’m a Leadership Coach, Team Coach and Career Coach. And I love this work… it’s brilliant when my clients’ dreams come true.


I support CEOs, Company Directors, Managing Partners and VPs, achieve their full potential, providing professional and personal development for those who have little time and for whom being lonely at the top can be a common experience.

What might executive coaching do for you?


I help leaders transition into new senior roles.

With my First 100 Days programme, your transition into your new role will be accelerated with a comprehensive on-boarding strategy and action plan. You will take charge, embed a shared purpose, build your team and achieve better results quicker.

Want to pass your first 100 days with flying colours?


I also develop authentic, resilient and courageous leaders.

We’ll go through a leadership development programme, packed with leadership development theory and frameworks, and leadership coaching too, to develop your leadership skills. You will transform into a leader who drives real change, who leads the agenda, who has the courage to stand out and make a difference, who’s adaptable to change, who leads with heart.

Want to develop your leadership skills?


Through career coaching, I develop more fulfilling and rewarding careers.

I can help you change your career. We will use a proven three-stage career change programme to find your new career that resonates; that has meaning. Want a new career that gives you hope for the future?

Or help you have a more fulfilled career in your current role. For example, career strategies to get that promotion you’re after, or be more courageous and resilient.


I develop creative, intelligent, high-performing teams.

These are teams which move beyond the individual to unlock their greater team potential, teams which have more self-awareness, more trusting relationships, where constructive conflict is valued, where people lean into the ‘us’ of the team. Through team coaching, team members are empowered to say the unsayable, challenge with respect, and take risks too. All in service of the bigger purpose.

I coach teams face-to-face and coach teams virtually too (if the team is spread across different cities).

Curious about how team coaching might impact your team?


I work with clients face-to-face and virtually too – I even coach teams virtually that are made of up to 15 people spread across different cities..

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Considering quick and easy ways to develop your people? My Lunch & Learns might just be the thing.

They’re designed for larger groups, of up to around 40 people. Typically 1.5 hours long, they’re often held during lunch. So they’re inclusive and don’t disrupt the day.

You provide the sandwiches. I provide the content and the immersive, creative techniques that engage people. It’s experiential learning that’s full of application.

Contact me to find out more about my Lunch & Learn topics.


Many of my clients are CEOs, Company Directors or senior business leaders.

My coaching draws upon over 20 years in marketing communications, so many of my clients work in creative industries, for example in brand management, digital marketing, advertising agencies or media. Many are in the IT and financial services sectors, and I’ve worked with actors, TV producers and musicians too.

So, my clients are a broad bunch of people – yet what’s common is their aspiration to deliver more creative and more effective leadership at work. To make a real difference to their organisations – while serving themselves too.

They’re ambitious, enthusiastic and want to create work they’re proud of. They’re open-minded and curious with a can-do attitude. They have a desire to challenge their status quo, to be ahead of the game and move forward in their careers.

My clients mostly live in the UK and I’ve worked with many who live abroad… from Paris to Milan, Amsterdam to Frankfurt, Johannesburg to Dubai… even Auckland and Seoul.

Curious about what they say?  Read my coaching outcomes.


To get a better sense of my work, watch ‘My coaching’ video on the left.

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“Duncan’s career coaching took me gently on a deep and searching journey and helped me to appreciate and be confident about my personal and professional strengths, and enabled me to discover those things that I want to be in my life, both personal and at work. The process culminated in me finally being able to make a decision as to ‘the next big thing’ for me, something which had been holding me back for so long. A really positive experience.” (JH)


Curious about what other clients have to say? Read more coaching outcomes.


My coaching draws upon extensive coach training and marketing and business qualifications, as well as over 20 years experience in marketing communications. No surprise that many of my clients are in creative industries.


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