Duncan Muller Coaching

Careers with direction and purpose

we increasingly want fulfilling and rewarding careers. Careers that challenge us, enrich us and get us ahead. Careers with direction and purpose.

I’d love to help you change careers. Or help you be more fulfilled in your current role.


Career coaching will help you better understand your current role and overcome what’s holding you back. You’ll have clarity on what you want and how you’ll get there. A more fulfilling career.

Clients use my career coaching to, for example:

  • Get that promotion (and pay increase) they’re after
  • Have greater awareness of what could be holding them back, and new skills to manage those
  • Be more courageous and resilient
  • To skilfully have those difficult conversations
  • Inspire and motivate their teams
  • Improve time management and prioritise, for better work/life balance
  • Manage their emotions and interact more effectively
  • Improve relationships with challenging colleagues

Throughout the career coaching, we will always be focused on reaching your career goals.


With my career change programme, you’ll find a new career with meaning. One that truly resonates. A new career with direction and purpose.

(It worked for me. Way back, as a client going through this very programme, I found the clarity and courage to leave an unhappy job for a more fulfilling new career. It can do that for you too.)

My career change coaching programme is rigorous and methodical yet creative and expansive. It has three sections: Explore, Dream and Discover.

1st EXPLORE: Here we’ll investigate work aspects like your favourite skills, work motivators, professional strengths and preferred organisation types. We’ll build your Ideas Bank – an ongoing brainstorm that captures industries, sectors, specific roles or companies that attract you. We want your new career to fit your life, so we’ll also look at things like your values, personal strengths and life purpose. At the end of Explore you’ll know a lot more about where your career is headed.

2nd DREAM: As you now better understand what you want from work and life, you’ll be better placed to evaluate career options. In Dream we generate fresh and exciting career possibilities. We’ll investigate your Ideas Bank, looking for emerging themes and patterns – all the while referring back to your work in Explore. Dream ends with you knowing your new career. Crystal clear.

3rd DISCOVER: Now you’ve chosen a new career direction that’s the best match for you, we’ll create an action plan to get you there. Happy days.

HOW IT WORKS: I’ll give you interesting, thought-provoking exercises to reflect upon. My career coaching helps you craft and shape your answers so they perfectly fit you. It’s an environment for deep reflection supported by challenging, probing career coaching.

Typically, it takes around 10 sessions.

The career change coaching programme was developed by two International Coach Federation-accredited coaches. It’s the distillation of years of experience, practical creativity and a deep understanding of what it takes to support you through career change.

Note: this career change programme can be run as part of an organisation’s out-placement service during an organisational restructure.

If you’re committed to finding your new career, get in touch.


I’m based in Ealing, London, UK, so if you’re close by (i.e. west or central London) we might consider face-to-face coaching. Mostly though, my career coaching is done over the phone or on Skype, so it takes place wherever you are – even if you’re on the other side of the world! (My clients live in the UK, Italy and as far afield as Auckland and Seoul.)

We’ll start with the Discovery Session to understand where you are now, and get clarity on your desired outcomes. We’d then move onto the career coaching.

I’m with you every step of the way. Every month, I offer:

  • Two one-hour scheduled career coaching sessions
  • Up to two 15-minute laser coaching sessions (great before an important meeting or event)
  • Unlimited email coaching

This work is an investment in your career. You’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose and direction relatively quickly, although lasting change takes time.

If you’re committed to finding a new career, or even a more fulfilling career, get in touch.


You might want to find out more about me.

Or, you might be interested in Leadership development.

If you’re serious about making your career work better, get in touch.


“Duncan has helped me leave a decade-long job… to a fulfilling new path that is perfect for me! He has stimulated me to make the leap. He’s coached and nurtured me in a professional and thorough manner. I am so lucky I found him and I want to thank him for helping me move forward into an exciting phase of my life!” (JA)

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“For me, there’s a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. He’s had a profound impact on how I approach my work and career. I came to him with a simple problem: “why do I hate my job so much?” And he not only helped me answer that question, but armed me with the tools to move beyond my own negativity and see my career (both past and future) in a positive light. Crucially, what Duncan has done is give me back my confidence. Knowing what you’re good at, why you’re good at it and what your goals are, has made me so much happier. Duncan is a caring and passionate guy. He’s highly perceptive and sensitive and was able to set me off down a path of self-discovery without ever being judgemental or leading. I recommend him to just about everyone I meet.” (IS)

Curious about what other clients have to say? Read more coaching outcomes.