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this is about leadership that sits at the heart of successful and innovative organisations. At the centre of change. This leadership is an attitude, a way of being, not a job title.

I develop authentic, resilient, courageous and compassionate leadership. Leaders who can be their best.

I do this through my First 100 Days programme, Leadership Development programme – or a combination of the two to fit your unique needs – all supported by leadership coaching.

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You’ve worked hard to get to the top. And, all of a sudden, the rules change: the world seems to accelerate, your peer group vanishes, and people want answers about everything all the time. Welcome to your first 100 days.

Your first 100 days a unique window of opportunity. How you navigate through this critical period will likely make a permanent imprint in stakeholders’ minds – either winning them over or causing them to go into resistance and rejection.

Your first 100 days defines what will happen next, so creating the right impact in those initial days is essential for the leader’s long-term effectiveness. It’s all about forging new behaviours and expectations that’ll stay with you throughout your career.

I can help. With my First 100 Days programme, your transition will be accelerated with a comprehensive on-boarding strategy and action plan. You will take charge, embed a shared purpose, build your team and achieve better results quicker.

The First 100 Days programme will ensure you win stakeholders over. Your personal strategy and action plan will give you clarity, confidence and focus. From day one, you’ll hit the ground running with purpose and vision, getting immediate results, thus ensuring stakeholders have confidence in your abilities early on.

STRUCTURE: The First 100 Days programme uses a structured yet flexible framework, adapting to your unique needs. Typically, it covers seven one-to-one coaching sessions (15 hours) and one team coaching session (three hours), and all of this flexible so to work best around you. It has three main parts, each of which is underpinned by coaching support to help you up your game:

1st GETTING READY: Here, you’ll get clear on how best to leverage the period before day one, including stakeholder mapping and undertaking learning conversations

2nd DAY ONE AND TAKING CHARGE: You’ll then take charge, build key stakeholder relationships, get clarity around a shared purpose, create urgency around key opportunities, including creating a communications plan, and align your team to deliver results quickly

3rd CONSOLIDATING AND SUCCEEDING: Finally, you’ll build a high-performing team, ensure you have the right people on your team, secure early wins and reach those all-important milestones, after which you’ll be set you up for success for your next 100 days

I coach executives and senior business leaders entering new roles, those who have been promoted from within, and also those who have been recruited from the outside. They’re looking for an experienced coach who challenges them to stand taller and aim higher; to show up authentically in service of their ambition.

If you’re committed to flourishing in your 100 days, get in touch.


My leadership development progamme develops more authentic, resilient, courageous and compassionate leaders. It is rigorous and creatively expansive too. It is multifaceted… using content and material from respected global leadership gurus, embracing experiential learning, and leadership coaching.

STRUCTURE: At its core are six two-hour structured content-rich sessions packed with leadership theory and frameworks. Interspersed around these are three one-hour leadership coaching sessions to deepen your learning and enhance self-development. All can be adapted to better fit you.

1st DISCOVERING YOUR LEADERSHIP: We kick off with The Leadership Circle profile assessment (see below), exploring where you are now as a leader, what’s holding you back, your leadership skills, and start to look at what shifts are needed for you to deliver more effective leadership.

2nd LEADERSHIP WITHIN: Building your emotional intelligence, you’ll explore your current leadership qualities and which ones you want more of. You’ll extend your range of leadership styles to draw from and be skilled to optimise your leadership style to fit the situation. You’ll get clear on how your values, your sense of purpose, your visioning and intentions all impact your leadership.

3rd LEADING WITH OTHERS: Progressing to social intelligence, you’ll be more aware of others and your impact on them, you’ll be more empathetic and connected to others, you’ll deliver a more empowering leadership style that brings the best out of others. You’ll be able to overcome negative communication behaviours and know how to skilfully have difficult conversations.

READING LIST: Your learning is supported by an enlightening reading list and numerous videos from leadership gurus.

If any of this resonates or you are just curious, drop me a line and let’s have a conversation.


My leadership development programme starts with The Leadership Circle (TLC) profile, a powerful online assessment tool that accelerates leadership development. It cultivates change that evolves authentically from the inside out.

The TLC profile includes an accessible profile graphic and loads of detailed data on your leadership. From this we’ll discover how you perform against key leadership competencies, plus how limiting-beliefs are getting in your way. With the TLC profile, the leadership development programme starts with a wealth of knowledge, and therefore at an advanced level. The TLC profile enhances the value of each session; it saves time too.


The leadership programme totals nine sessions, comprising six two-hour development sessions and three one-hour coaching sessions, with each session held every three or four weeks.

The programme can be tailored – for example, alongside your own leadership development, we could include Team Coaching as part of a broader intervention in your organisation.

Contact me and together we’ll create a tailored leadership development programme to suit your requirements.


The challenges of 21st century leadership – such as increased uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – are here to stay.

The leadership style of command and control, of hierarchy and inflexibility, of individuals working in silos, of pretending to be something else to stay safe, is redundant.

Rather, a different sort of leadership is required: people who lead with authenticity, resilience, courage and compassion. Leaders who overcome their own fears for the sake of the bigger purpose, leaders who are risk-takers, egoless leaders, leaders who are able to authentically influence others, leaders with heart and compassion, leaders who are adaptable and better equipped to navigate the complexity of the modern world at the rate and speed required for success.


I believe leadership is not something you do – it’s an internal and ongoing process to be mastered from within. Kevin Cashman describes it as “leadership from the inside out”. I like that.

My leadership development programme starts from within… growing the whole of you to grow the leader within.

From that place you have more access to your leadership skills. You’ll overcome your limiting beliefs. You’ll lead more purposefully, be more courageous and resilient. You’ll have a greater ability to authentically influence others. You’ll lead with more resonance… heading towards what you want. You’ll be more certain what you stand for and what’s important. That breeds achievements.

Sound appealing?


Leadership is not done alone – it’s done in relationships. It’s about unlocking colleagues’ creativity to get the best out of them. These interpersonal skills are crucial to leading successfully.

Through my leadership development programme you’ll more authentically open people up, build deeper trust quicker and master the ability to engage in constructive conflict. You’ll develop your leadership skills. You’ll be more intentional with your relationships and better understand the impact you have on others – all crucial for successful leadership in the 21st century.


I’m based in Ealing, London, UK, so if you’re in central or west London or in the south-east of England, we could discuss the possibility of face-to-face sessions – either in your offices or a suitable venue nearby. If you’re more further afield, we could do the sessions virtually. (And, I’m open to travelling abroad too.) Whatever suits best.

If you’re serious about developing your leadership, contact me. Your adventure awaits…


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If you’re serious about developing leadership, contact me.


"Duncan has provided me with an excellent opportunity to work on my leadership and management skills by challenging me each session around how I work with my team and peers.  This has been extremely valuable, and I feel that I have gained a real insight in to how I might better lead my teams and about how my behaviour can both positively and negatively impact on people. There were quite a few light bulb moments!


Duncan has also supported me to problem solve some of the more practical elements of my role in order that I can better develop my leadership style this includes supporting me to develop and implement improved reporting structures, and my time management concerns.


I am truly indebted to Duncan for his investment in me.” (AW, Operations Manager, WDP)


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“I met Duncan at Conscious Leadership during 2017. He’s been my coach since. Duncan has more compassion and enthusiasm for his job and for people than almost anyone I’ve ever been with. It’s amazing how he is able to connect with you and help you during coaching sessions. I definitely recommend Duncan, a great talent everyone wants to work with.” (Luis Palacios, Senior Business Leader, Cisco)


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