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y2ou already know that leadership does not happen in a vacuum. It occurs in relationships. In teams.

Now it’s become crucial for organisations to get this right.


With the increased demands of the 21st century being felt across organisations, many teams today are exhausted, defeated, dissatisfied and disillusioned. The traditional all-seeing, all-knowing strong leader is redundant. And matrix structures, different project teams and virtual teams add to the complexity.

Team coaching leverages the collective intelligence and collective leadership of teams. That means everyone on the team – even those marginalised perspectives (that might be where your next innovation lies).

Because, competitive advantage for organisations wanting to succeed in the 21st century means interacting in a way that releases team potential. We need to shift our attention (away from being just on the individual) towards the team, in order to release more of the team’s collective awareness, intelligence, resources, wisdom and creativity.


My team coaching creates intelligent teams that foster a culture where people thrive, perform and reinvent themselves.

Your team will have increased collaboration, courage and connection. Team members will have more awareness and more trusting relationships where they listen to other opinions with more respect. They’ll be more empathetic. They’ll be more aware on how they impact others. They’ll have more understanding on how they’re triggered individually, so they can better manage themselves with others.

Team coaching will create a safe context in which your team members will say the undiscussable, challenge with respect, and take risks. They’ll better navigate change. They’ll be more skilled in expressing and embracing their differences – crucial for innovation and creativity. They’ll value constructive conflict. With airing opinions and open debate the new norm and individual agendas and tensions reduced, your team members will be more aligned and more committed to your team goals.

Through team coaching, team members will lean into the “us” of your team, drawing on all the team’s available resources and potential. With more positivity on your team, you’ll have more productivity on your team.

This isn’t for fun… it’s all in service of building a high-performing team that exploits its collective intelligence, resilience and creativity. All in service of the team’s bigger purpose.

If any of this resonates, give me a call and let’s have a conversation.


I do team coaching face-to-face and virtual team coaching too – even teams made of up to 15 people spread across different cities can be team coached virtually using the available tech, creatively.


Typically, team coaching starts with the Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA). This online quantitative assessment creates a self-portrait of the team, drawn by the team. It supports the qualitative private interviews held with each team member.

The TDA measures the team as a system in its current state. Questions are focused on the team as a system, not on the individual team members.

The resulting report focuses on the two interdependent dimensions proven to set high performing teams apart:

  • Productivity competencies: factors that support the team’s ability to be productive (team leadership, accountability, alignment, goals and strategies, decision making, resources, proactive)
  • Positivity competencies: factors that create an environment that supports the team’s productivity (communication, trust, respect, values diversity, camaraderie, constructive interaction, optimism)

The team development ends with a second opportunity to assess the team with the TDA. This shows the ROI by evaluating the team coaching’s impact clearly and with confidence.


The overall length and content of the team coaching depends on your needs. It could be a one-off focused on key areas, or a bespoke team coaching programme. We could even include Leadership development as part of a broader intervention.

Contact me and together we’ll create a tailored team coaching programme to suit your requirements.


The team coaching will be held in your organisation’s offices or in a suitable venue nearby, whatever suits you best. I’m based in Ealing, London, so well placed for working in London and beyond in England. I’m open to travelling abroad too.

If your team is spread across different cities that’s fine too, we will do team coaching virtually.

If you’re serious about developing your team, through face-to-face or virtual team coaching, contact me.


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If you’re serious about developing your team, contact me.


“By the end of the process the team could feel a remarkable difference in how we felt individually and collectively. It has left us with great tools and motivation to continually improve.” (Peter Yates, Director of Account Management, Axonn)


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“Duncan’s sessions have allowed to explore some of our faults as a team and individually and I welcome the opportunity to find better ways. I have enjoyed the sessions and tried to throw myself into them and they have done a lot of good. We took some big steps forward. Supporting each other has improved as there is more understanding of competing priorities and divergent views.” (Head, Leading Independent Senior School)

Interested in what other clients have to say? Read more coaching outcomes.