I’m a Leadership Coach and Team Coach, and I love this work… it’s brilliant when my clients’ dreams come true.


My purpose is to unlock the potential of leaders and teams so they can create the world they imagine.

Whether it’s helping leaders overcome limiting beliefs or teams skilfully navigate unhealthy relationships, I create a space where people work from their emerging potential, from a place of possibility.

I help leaders deliver visionary leadership that drives the agenda. Courageous leadership where leaders stand up for what they believe in. Compassionate leadership that gets the best from others.

I develop more creative, intelligent, high-performing teams. Teams where constructive conflict is valued. Where team members trust and lean into each other. All in service of exceeding the team’s objectives.

I help people find new, fresh, fulfilling careers where they can flourish.

“My purpose is to unlock the potential of leaders and teams so they can create the world they imagine.”

This is why I am here. I love this work.

Indeed, the whole team – Julie, Liz, Lou and I (see below) – loves this work. We see ourselves as change specialists. Whether it’s on an individual or organisational scale, we’re passionate about igniting, leading and transforming people through change. Sustainable change.


Before becoming a Coach, I spent more than 20 years in the creative and marketing industries, internationally and in the UK, across brands such as Renault, Visa and Ballantine’s, mostly within senior client services roles on accounts worth several £millions. I’ve experienced leadership (good and bad) and led many teams across numerous organisations.

While I enjoyed those years, I’m thrilled to have found real purpose as a coach, unlocking the potential of leaders and teams. I work with CEOs, Directors and senior business leaders across various sectors including marketing and media, financial services, IT and education – even the challenging environment of HM Prisons.

When not working, I enjoy running, drawing, theatre, films, gorgeous food and traveling. 


I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Certified Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC), so qualified to coach individuals and teams. I hold the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation.

I’ve trained at some of the world’s leading coaching schools, such as the Coaches Training Institute, the Centre for Right Relationship, Team Coaching International, The Leadership Circle and Firework Coaching Company. I hold a BA in Fine Art, various marketing qualifications, and an MBA.

If you’re interested in all the details of my qualifications and work experience, please go to my LinkedIn profile.  Linked In


I’m proud to work alongside these insightful and courageous coaches.  


Julie brings 20+ years of experience in the fields of learning and development, organisational and individual change.  Proud to be a life-long learner, she is passionate about the transformational power of coaching and she works to enable individuals and teams to flourish in a sustainable and balanced way. Healthy relationships, mental and physical well-being, lie at the heart of her work.

She brings out the best in individuals and leaders and introduces teams to the mindset, skills and tools required to create successful change and results through powerful collaboration and the utilisation of the team’s collective intelligence.

Following a successful career in education as a teacher, school leader, teacher advisor, university lecturer and then a pre and post-natal yoga teacher, she entered the field of leadership and systems coaching. She gained accreditation and certification with leading coaching schools CTI and ORSC. She is also a certified provider of The Leadership Circle 360 assessment profile.

Her experience includes working with: OSN Media, CBRE, Axonn Media, St George’s University, Marjory Kinnon School and Royal Marsden.

Coaching qualifications: ACC, CPCC, ORSCC

Other qualifications: B.Ed, M.Ed


Highly competitive in her early adult life, Liz competed in athletic multi-events to international level, at the same time as designing and selling ‘designer’ sports kit. Her first career was in advertising and branding, working in a number of top 10 agencies before eventually running her own consultancy. She also set up a £4m London-based early-years nursery business, which was purchased by a major US operator.

Since retraining as a coach, Liz has worked with a broad variety of SMEs focusing on strategy, performance and growth. She has over 1200 hours of coaching experience.

She was heavily involved in the government’s Growth Accelerator/BGS scheme, delivering business and performance coaching to over 25 companies.

Working with a large number of company owners and directors, she noticed the particular challenges that business owners face in maintaining strong team relationships in the face of continuous change. She was also drawn to how the way a team performs can escalate or hold back growth. She trained in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), and now works as a fully qualified Systemic Team Coach, facilitating, coaching and training teams to think and work systemically.

Coaching qualifications: DipPPC, ORSC, NLP, DISC, TPM

Other qualifications: SIAD


Louise is an experienced systems coach, mediator and coach supervisor with a passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations to flourish.

Louise specialises in working with organisational systems undergoing cultural change, supporting them to develop their readiness for change and maximise engagement. A strong focus on values underpins her work, supporting clients to understand and embed those values that enable them to thrive.  She has worked in some of the most challenging environments where conflict features heavily, including HM Prisons and deprived housing communities.

Systems thinking lies at the heart of Louise’s work. By facilitating open, honest dialogue between multiple stakeholders, Louise supports clients in developing a deep awareness of the relationship systems that impact upon the way they operate. Louise brings compassion, challenge and creativity to her work to create safe spaces for individuals and teams to explore, learn and make lasting change.

As a professionally trained coach supervisor Louise supports other coaches in the development of their coaching practice.

She has worked globally with a diverse range of organisations across sectors including the NHS, faith organisations, housing associations, the nuclear industry, high tech manufacturing and many small entrepreneurial businesses.

Coaching qualifications: PCC, CPCC, ORSCC, TCI, AVI, LIFO, CIPD

Other qualifications: B.Sc (Hons)

Serious about making changes?