Bored at work? Unfulfilled? Yearning for a big change – maybe a new career with more meaning – but don’t know where to start?

We can help you find a shiny new career, fast.


It’s very normal to not feel fulfilled in your work. It really is. The difficulty is figuring out what work you really want to do. What career will make you come alive… and get you out of bed in the morning? What career will best fit your desired lifestyle?

And sometimes even more challenging – where do you start? All these questions can be hard to navigate on your own.


We’d love to help. With our career change programme, you’ll find a new career with meaning. One that truly resonates. A new career with direction and purpose.

(It worked for me. Way back, as a client going through this very programme, I found the clarity and courage to leave an unhappy job for a more fulfilling new career. It can do that for you too.)


The career change coaching programme is creative and expansive yet rigorous and methodical.

It was developed by two International Coach Federation-accredited coaches and is the distillation of years of experience, practical creativity and a deep understanding of what it takes to support you through career change.

It can be run as part of an organisation’s out-placement service during an organisational restructure.

It has three sections: Explore, Dream and Discover:

1st EXPLORE: Here we’ll investigate work aspects like your favourite skills, work motivators, professional strengths and preferred organisation types. We’ll build your Ideas Bank – an ongoing brainstorm that captures industries, sectors, specific roles or companies that attract you. We want your new career to fit your life, so we’ll also look at things like your values, personal strengths and life purpose. At the end of Explore you’ll know a lot more about where your career is headed.

 2nd DREAM: As you now better understand what you want from work and life, you’ll be better placed to evaluate career options. In Dream we generate fresh and exciting career possibilities. We’ll investigate your Ideas Bank, looking for emerging themes and patterns – all the while referring back to your work in Explore. Dream ends with you knowing your new career. Crystal clear.

 3rd DISCOVER: Now you’ve chosen a new career direction that’s the best match for you, we’ll create an action plan to get you there. Happy days.

You’ll receive interesting, thought-provoking exercises to reflect upon. Together, we then craft and shape your answers so they perfectly fit you. It’s an environment for deep reflection supported by challenging, probing career coaching.

Typically, it takes around 10 sessions, meeting up fortnightly.

Generally, the coaching is done on Skype or Zoom, so it takes place wherever you are – even if you’re on the other side of the world.

We’re based in Ealing, London, UK, so if you’re close by (i.e. west or central London) we might consider some face-to-face coaching.

Keen to find your new, fulfilling career?