Managing you’re career can be challenging. Maybe your colleagues aren’t seeing your potential? Maybe you’re battling in a challenging role… or struggling with a tricky boss?

Like the flight of the bumblebee, you can achieve the impossible. You can succeed in your career.


Sometimes we can hit a stumbling block in our career. (After all, it’s not all linear progression, right?) Maybe you’ve spoken with friends or colleagues but their help isn’t… well, helpful. Things aren’t changing.

Now might be the time to consider professional support to help you overcome your stuckness at work, and get you moving forward.


Career coaching will help you better understand your current role and overcome what’s holding you back. You’ll have clarity on what you want and how you’ll get there. A more fulfilling career.

My clients use my career coaching to, for example:

  • Get that elusive promotion (and pay increase) they’re after
  • Have greater awareness of what could be holding them back, and new skills to overcome those hurdles
  • Be more courageous and resilient
  • To skillfully have those difficult conversations
  • Inspire and motivate teams
  • Manage their emotions and interact more effectively
  • Improve relationships with challenging colleagues

how it works

Typically, we start with six sessions, held every two weeks or so – but we’re flexible and will work around you.

Generally, the coaching is done on Skype or Zoom, so it takes place wherever you are – even if you’re on the other side of the world.

We’re based in Ealing, London, UK, so if you’re close by (i.e. west or central London) we might consider some face-to-face coaching.

Curious about how career coaching might help you succeed?