Your first 100 days in a new role is a unique window of opportunity.

How you navigate through this critical time period will likely make a permanent imprint in stakeholders’ minds – either winning them over or causing them to go into resistance and rejection.


You’ve worked hard to get to the top. And, all of a sudden, the rules change: the world seems to accelerate, your peer group vanishes, and people want answers about everything all the time. Welcome to your first 100 days.

 Your first 100 days defines what will happen next, so creating the right impact in those initial days is essential for the leader’s long-term effectiveness. It’s all about forging new behaviours and expectations that’ll stay with you throughout your career. 

We’ll ensure you pass with flying colours.


Your transition will be accelerated with a comprehensive on-boarding strategy and action plan. You’ll take charge, embed a shared purpose, build your team and achieve better results quicker.

You’ll win your stakeholders over. Your personal strategy and action plan will give you clarity, confidence and focus. From day one, you’ll hit the ground running with purpose and vision, getting immediate results, thus ensuring stakeholders have confidence in your abilities early on.


The First 100 Days is both structured yet tailored to your unique needs. Typically, it covers between four and six one-to-one coaching sessions and one team coaching session. It consists of three sections:

1st – GETTING READY: You’ll get clear on how to best leverage the period before day one, including stakeholder mapping and undertaking learning conversations

2nd – TAKING CHARGE: You’ll take charge, build key stakeholder relationships, get clarity around a shared purpose, create urgency around key opportunities, including creating a communications plan, and align your team to deliver results quickly

3rd – CONSOLIDATION: You’ll build a high-performing team, ensure you have the right people on your team, secure early wins and reach those all-important milestones, after which you’ll be set you up for success for your next 100 days

If you’re in or around London, we can do this face-to-face in your office or in a private space nearby. Or we do this virtually. Whichever works best for you.

Want to pass your first 100 days with flying colours?