Looking to grow your leadership, but don’t know how to? Suspect you’re getting in the way of your leadership? Want to lead more skilfully?

The good news is that together, we can develop your leadership skills.


The challenges of 21st century leadership – such as increased uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – are here to stay. The leadership style of command and control, of hierarchy and inflexibility, of individuals working in silos, of pretending to be something else to stay safe, is redundant.

Rather, a different sort of leadership is required: people who lead with authenticity, resilience, courage and compassion. Leaders who overcome their own fears for the sake of the bigger purpose, leaders who are risk-takers, egoless leaders, leaders who are able to authentically influence others, leaders with heart and compassion, leaders who are adaptable and better equipped to navigate the complexity of the modern world at the rate and speed required for success.

BENEFITS of OUR leadership development programme

Our leadership development programme starts from within… growing the whole of you to grow the leader within. From that place you have more access to your leadership skills.

Our leadership development programme develops more authentic, resilient, courageous and compassionate leaders. These are leaders who see their way through today’s volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

You’ll transform into a leader who drives real change, leads the agenda, with heart.


 The programme is rigorous and expansive, rich and multifaceted. It uses frameworks and content from respected global leadership gurus, an enlightening reading list, insightful videos and experiential learning models.

At its core are six two-hour structured content-rich sessions packed with leadership theory and frameworks. Interspersed around these are three one-hour leadership coaching sessions to deepen your learning and enhance self-development. The programme will be tailored to suit your needs.

1st – DISCOVERING YOUR LEADERSHIP: Kicking off with The Leadership Circle Profile (see below), we’ll explore where you are now as a leader, what’s holding you back and where you excel. We’ll start to look at what shifts are needed for you to deliver more effective leadership.

2nd  – LEADERSHIP WITHIN: Building your emotional intelligence, we’ll unearth your current leadership qualities and which ones you want more of. You’ll extend your range of leadership styles to draw from and be skilled to optimise your leadership style to fit the situation. You’ll get clear on how your values, your sense of purpose, your visioning and intentions all impact your leadership.

3rd LEADING WITH OTHERS: Progressing to social intelligence, you’ll be more aware of others and your impact on them, you’ll be more empathetic and connected to others, you’ll deliver a more empowering leadership style that brings the best out of others. You’ll be able to overcome negative communication behaviours and know how to skilfully have difficult conversations.

OTHER CONTENT: Your learning is supported by an enlightening reading list and numerous videos from leadership gurus.

If you’re in or around London, we can do this face-to-face in your office or in a private space nearby. Or we do this virtually. Whichever works best for you.


The leadership development programme starts with The Leadership Circle Profile, a powerful online assessment tool that accelerates leadership development. It cultivates change that evolves authentically from the inside out.

 The TLC profile includes an accessible profile graphic and loads of detailed data on your leadership. From this we’ll discover how you perform against key leadership competencies, plus how limiting-beliefs are getting in your way. With the TLC profile, the leadership development programme starts with a wealth of knowledge, and therefore at an advanced level, thus saving time.

Want to be an inspiring, courageous and resilient leader?