Facing fears. Learning new skills. Trying to let go. Overcoming insecurities. Stepping up. Having difficult conversations. Improving communication styles. Staying calm. I could go on.

Change is around us. We all face new challenges every day in our jobs and in our personal lives. Those who can handle change are the most fulfilled. Those who fear change will find it hardest to thrive.


I’m going through change. I’m replacing an old habit (that’s holding me back) with a more resonant behaviour. Thing is, I’m constantly tempted to slip back – afterall, my default is easier and safer. And it’s FUN, WOOHOO!

When unsure of my next step in this change, I stop thinking and get out of my head. I focus my attention on my feelings inside my body to access my body’s wisdom – for instance, I might notice something in my tummy or shoulders.

I check in with myself: if I’m feeling negative, tense, disconnected, frustrated and not quite right, then my body’s telling me the thought or behaviour jars and I should reconsider.

Or, if I’m feeling calm, in flow, grounded and present, then the plan probably resonates with my values, with what I want. Yay – all systems go!

It also helps when ask myself: What do I want, really?

This touchy-feely stuff might be new to you, so if it sounds a little woo-woo – that’s ok – but it does work, so try it out.


  1. Stop thinking, get out of your head and notice what’s going on in your body
  2. Ask yourself: do you feel negative, tense, disconnected… or calm, grounded, and at peace?
  3. Ask yourself: What do I want, really?


Here’s another approach to navigate change (when you have 20 minutes).

  1. Get present. Stop doing stuff for a few minutes, slow down and get really present. Concentrate on your breathing. Connect with yourself. Get grounded. I have a client who visualises being a tall glorious oak tree, which helps ground him. What might be your metaphor that helps you ground yourself?
  2. Focus on the topic. Once present, think about your topic of change. Focus on it.
  3. Your ‘What’s happening now?’ list. List words that describe what’s happening for you right now around this change. Include your thoughts, your feelings and its impact on yourself and others. As you write, be conscious of your feelings, without judgement.
  4. Your ‘What’s next?’ list. Then, create a second list that describes what you desire from this change, what’s next. Again, Include your thoughts, your feelings and its impacts yourself and others. Notice your feelings, without judgement.
  5. Create your new story. Next create a new more positive and resonant story of what you really want from this change. It might be a statement like “I’m creating a thriving business” (if business feels a little slow), or “I’m stepping up” (if recently promoted). As you do this, bring all your emotions to bear so as to make the new story more powerful.
  6. Your intentions and actions. To maintain the momentum of your change, place your new story in a prominent place where you can read it at least twice every day. Consider small steps which might help you test out your ‘what’s next’?


If you’re experiencing overwhelming change, I’d be delighted to support you, so please do contact me about executive coaching or career coaching. We’ll uncover what’s holding you back and get you moving forward.