Leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It occurs in relationships. In teams.

To ensure organisations meet their goals, it’s crucial to harness all the collective power of their teams.


With increased demands in business, many teams are feeling exhausted, disconnected and dissatisfied. Organisational matrix structures, people working on multiple teams, even virtual teams, add to the complexity. The traditional all-seeing, all-knowing strong leader is redundant. Business needs to gets the most from their teams.

Competitive advantage means organisations need to interact in a way that releases team potential. Business needs to shift attention away from being just on the individual to also the team in order to release more of the team’s collective awareness, intelligence, resources, wisdom and creativity.


Team coaching isn’t team building. You don’t get to build a raft singing kumbaya.

Rather, team coaching leverages the collective intelligence and collective leadership of teams. That means everyone on the team – even those marginalised perspectives (indeed, that might be where your next innovation lies).

Team coaching develops high-performing teams. Teams which are intelligent and creative, where people thrive, perform and reinvent themselves. Simply put, it helps the business get the most from its teams. All in service of the team’s bigger purpose.

Clients use team coaching to, for example: 

  • Navigate business change skilfully
  • Create and align behind a shared vision
  • Breakdown silos in, and between, teams
  • Increase collaboration in and across teams
  • Build trusting relationships, from which they can  engage in constructive conflict and share different perspectives (crucial for innovations and creativity)
  • Improve empathy, diversity and understanding within the team
  • Overcome negative communication styles


We will work closely with you and your team to tailor a programme that will work best for your objectives; it might result in two three-hour workshops or one two-day workshop.

We’ll use adult learning and experiential techniques, drawing on our innovative Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) expertise, its tools, skills and competencies to help unlock the high-performing team. We’ll create a safe space and are skilled to work with whatever comes up, good or bad.

Want to develop a creative, intelligent and high-performing team?